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Nominating committee seeks candidates for 2018 trustee election

Dec. 1, 2017

If you have an interest in serving your community in an interesting and unique way, Washington Electric Cooperative invites you to consider running for a position on its board of trustees.

Washington Electric is owned by its members, who elect trustees to set financial goals and other policies for the organization. The co-op’s nominating committee is seeking qualified candidates for the 2018 election, which will be conducted in the spring through mail-in ballots. Once elected, trustees serve three-year terms.

If you are a qualified cooperative member and wish to be considered for nomination, please contact our office by Feb. 1, 2018, to ask that your name be referred to the nominating committee. The nominating process is described in Articles III and IV of the Code of Regulations. The following is a summary of the qualification, nomination, and election procedures:


No person shall be eligible to become, or remain, a member of the board who is not a bona fide permanent resident in the area served by the cooperative, or who is in any way employed by or financially in control of an enterprise that is in direct business competition with the cooperative or that supplies goods or materials to or performs services for the cooperative. Members who have been 60 days in arrears on any payment or obligation in the past three years are not eligible to run for the board. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age and must not have had a felony conviction of record upon a criminal background check. Candidates also must not have filed for bankruptcy in the past 10 years, be fluent in speaking and writing the English language, and not be a close relative of a current employee or trustee.


A nominating committee, consisting of five to 11 co-op members (excluding current board members) is appointed by the board of trustees not less than 60 days, or more than 120 days, before the Annual Meeting to select at least one member for each office of trustee to be elected. Also, 25 or more members may make other nominations by written petition not less than 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting.


The election is conducted in the spring by mail-in ballot. Election results will be announced at the co-op’s Annual Meeting on May 17, 2018. Each member is entitled to one vote.

Copies of the Articles of Incorporation and Code of Regulations are available upon request at the co-op office. Please contact us if you have any questions about your cooperative’s nominating process.

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